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Westpac Bank – “100 Things I Love About My Town”

2nd Photography Assignment –


Photograph the Branch Bank Manager helping the locals and engaging with local businesses and organizations.


We had the extreme pleasure of photographing Bank Managers wearing clogs at the local “Holland Club”, helping in a “Saw Mill”, to “Picking Apples” with a farmer.


3rd Photography Assignment –


To photograph the branch  “VIP Night”


Each branch would have an evening were the locals were invited in for a drink and a bite to eat and most importantly, auction off the artwork.


All proceeds from the auctions would then be donated to a local charity.


This was a fantastic project to be involved in; the opportunity to travel to the various branches around Victoria, meet the locals and photograph the Bank Managers was a real highlight.


From November 2009 to May 2010


Corporate Photography Melbourne by Liquid Photography

was commissioned by Maverick Marketing & Communications to photograph the Westpac Bank Campaign...


“100 Things I Love About My Town”


This tremendous undertaking had us visit over 30 Westpac Branches across Victoria and photograph the various aspects of this campaign.


Every branch would have an “Arts Day” were locals were invited to paint a picture about the “100 Things I Love About My Town”.


These paintings would later be auctioned off to raise money for a local charity.


We visited each branch three times.


1st Photography Assignment –


To take photographs of the Locality, Town Landmarks, Points of Interest, Local Clubs etc.


These images would then be displayed as the inspiration for each branches “Arts Day”.


Tales of a Corporate Photographer...

Quirky little facts...

The Parliament of Victoria in 2007-2008

Information Sourced From the 2007-2008 Annual Report



Typed out 7,388,197 words that year, with an average of 369,410 words per reporter.



The Data servers in this building hold 2,500,000 files all of which are contained in 200,000 folders.



Served 66,046 refreshments i.e. Tea, Coffee, Scones etc

Since 2006, Corporate Photography Melbourne by Liquid Photography has photographed the Department of Parliamentary Services Annual Report.


We have been extremely lucky to be the Professional Photographer of choice to this very prestigious organization photographing many projects over the years.


Our involvement has seen us on many occasions visit the various departments of DPS and photograph their staff as they take on their daily activities.


We have had the great pleasure of photographing all aspects of this fine institution;


“Members of the Senior Leadership Group” to the “Grounds Keeping Staff" to keep this heritage listed building together.

Victorian Parliamentary Handbook

– The 57th Parliament










In the beginning of 2011 we were again commissioned by the Parliament of Victoria to photograph all the Corporate Profile images for the...


“ Victorian Parliamentary Handbook – The 57th Parliament”


This was indeed an honor to create something that would inevitably become part of Victorian history.

Bain & Company


In May of 2013 Corporate Photography Melbourne by Liquid Photography was called on by Bain & Company to create the Corporate Headshots of their team.


This was an enjoyable experience as we spent the day photographing and meeting new people from all over the world.


The task required us to create two corporate profile photography setups.


One, using a chroma blue background and the second a more Dynamic shallow depth of field “Blurred” background.


You can see here that the dynamic background images were photographed in the Bain & Company foyer with a collection of small black and white photographs in the background.


For this portion on the project, we were given the freedom to create a slightly more dramatic effect with the lighting, giving our subjects a more commanding presence.

Maurice Blackburn


For the past couple of years Corporate Photography Melbourne by Liquid Photography has been asked to create the Corporate Profile images for this highly prestigious law firm.


This is always a very challenging set-up as we are required to photograph our subjects inside the boardroom with the Melbourne cityscape in the background.


The task here is to combine the use of natural light, along with studio lighting, whilst shooting with a very shallow depth of field.


There are many factors to consider when constructing this set-up…

The time of day, the sun, how is it reflecting off the buildings in the background, how to position the studio lighting so as they don’t reflect in the windows.


Once set up, we can then create a strong and appealing image of our subjects with Melbourne buildings in the background giving them a  clean professional presentation.

The Parliament of Victoria

Department of Parliamentary Services