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Hi mate,


Thanks for a great week.

Feedback from the VIC shots has been fantastic so well done!


Always a pleasure working with you guys, until the next one......



Mr. Nic Goard 

Maverick Marketing & Communication

Corporate Events Photography


Corporate Events are something that should be commemorated and enjoyed by both clients and companies.


Company Events help to promote your business, recognise success and advertise your products or services.


"Events and Functions help to make your organization more relatable to both potential and existing clients"


Capturing these memorable moments should not be left to chance.

If missed, you may have lost the opportunity to boost morale and leverage the image of your company.


Corporate Photography Melbourne has photographed many corporate functions and events.


With over 14 years industry experience we can document and capture any event, making it one to be remembered.


Specialised in…


• Corporate Function Photography

• Company Events Photography

• Business Images

• Website Photography


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Hello Eddy,


The guys at Michelin are extremely happy and the feedback is that you were a great choice.


Easy to work with, well done.

Ms. Evelyn Carsten

Adept Business Systems Pty Ltd 

"Don't leave those moments to chance"

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